"Short" Movies

The Escape (1970)

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Short movie Homage to the 15th anniversary, The Escape, is a short BMW film featuring the release of a new model series.

Darth Maul: Apprentice (2016)

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With his training almost complete, Darth Maul must face six Jedi in order to reach his true potential, and become a Dark Lord of the Sith.

Thunderbirds 1965 (2016)

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The crew behind three new episodes of Gerry and Sylvia Andersons classic series Thunderbirds discuss the challenges of bringing the show back with puppets after five decades.

Cristina (2016)

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An intimate journey of a 37-year-old Cristina, as fate brings to her life both a new love and an unbeatable challenge...

Borrowed Time (2016)

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A weathered Sheriff returns to the remains of an accident he has spent a lifetime trying to forget. With each step forward, the memories come flooding back. Faced with his mistake once again, he must find the strength to carry on.

Under the Dog (2016)

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Under the Dog: Under The Dog is a 2016 Japanese science fiction thriller original video animation. Originally a collaborative project between Creative Intelligence Arts and Kinema Citrus, and later a project solely produced by Kinema Citrus, it is a Kickstarter-funded anime project, released on August 1, 2016. The anime is set in Neo Tokyo in the year 2025, five years after a terrorist attack on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. To combat future threats, the United Nations force teenagers possessing special abilities into fighting those threats. One member, Anthea Kallenberg, seeks to discover her true identity.

Scrat: Spaced Out (2016)

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Scrat is captured by Scratazons who take away his acorn. Now, Scrat must rescue his acorn and escape before the aliens catch him.

Sauna the Dead: A Fairy Tale (2016)

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A night in a sauna turns into a fight for survival. Two men must overcome prejudice and join forces in taking down a horde of towel-wearing zombies. Who will live to see the dawn...?

Curmudgeons (2016)

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Curmudgeons: A pair of senior citizens have a relationship that shocks both their families in this potty mouthed but endearing comedy.

Zombie Bride (2016)

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A mans desire to find the perfect bride is found beyond the grave that will be short lived by the last drop of his blood.

On the Conditions and Possibilities of Hillary Clinton Taking Me as Her Young Lover (2016)

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A demented comedy-satire about a delightfully earnest Kiwi academic enters the US with an oddly plausible...

The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs (2016)

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Jamie bragged that shed found the perfect weekend babysitting job. The mother was friendly, the kids went to sleep on time, and she was looking forward to a quiet night. Then the phone rang.

Noblesse: Awakening (2016)

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After sleeping for a period of 820 years, the Noblesse wakes to a modernized or a completely different world.

Extremis (2016)

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Extremis: Extremis intimately examines “the intersection of science, faith and humanity” by observing personal, real-time accounts of how complicated and emotionally wrought the dying process becomes when there are opportunities for choice in death.

The Auction (2016)

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Avas sister goes missing after they have an argument. Ava must fight her ADHD to find her sister with the help of an old school friend.

Code 8 (2016)

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A desperate young man possessing special powers clashes with a militarized police force after committing a petty crime.